Best French Wines for A Special Occasion

The French Riviera, renowned for its impressive seascapes and hilltop villages, sets the perfect stage for a memorable romantic dinner à deux. Choosing the right wine for a special occasion is an art that adds a layer of refinement to your experience. In this guide, we explore the best wines to choose, with a special focus on those that embody the spirit of love.

Best French Wines for a Special Occasion

  1. Saint Amour – The Epitome of Love

Named after the small village of Saint Amour in the Beaujolais region, Saint Amour is not just a wine, it’s an expression of romance in a bottle. A Beaujolais Cru (Cru is a wine term used to indicate a high-quality vineyard or group of vineyards), Saint Amour is made from the Gamay grape, offering a light and fruity profile. With its charming red fruit flavours, floral notes, and silky texture, it is an ideal choice to kickstart your romantic evening. Pair it with dishes like grilled chicken or roasted duck for a perfect match.

  1. Château d’Esclans – Whispering Angel

For a touch of elegance, consider the Whispering Angel rosé from Château d’Esclans. Hailing from the Côtes de Provence region, this pale pink wine boasts delicate aromas of red berries and citrus, making it a refreshing choice for a romantic dinner by the Mediterranean. Its crisp acidity and smooth finish make it a versatile pairing, complementing seafood, salads, and light appetizers.

  1. Ruinart Rosé – The Ultimate Celebration

If your romantic dinner calls for a truly special celebration, consider indulging in a bottle of Ruinart Rosé Champagne. Produced by the iconic Ruinart Champagne house, the Rosé Champagne is synonymous with luxury and opulence. It is a harmonious champagne that balances the aromatic freshness of Chardonnay with the fruitiness of Pinot Noir. With its fine bubbles, refined structure, and a hint of pink grapefruit, this Champagne is the epitome of celebration and romance. Pair it with seafood for a match made in heaven.

  1. Château Margaux – A Red Elixir of Passion

For those with a deep wallet seeking a red wine with a history as rich as its flavours, Château Margaux from the Bordeaux region is a top-tier choice. This Premier Cru Classé offers a velvety texture, complex aromas of dark fruits, and a lingering finish. Château Margaux is a wine that embodies passion and sophistication, making it an excellent companion for a romantic evening. Pair it with a classic French dish like Fillet steak with pepper sauce or a tender rack of lamb.

  1. Château Puy d’Amour, Coup de Foudre – An Affordable Delight

Romance doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. This Bordeaux blend from Château Puy d’Amour, aptly named Love at First Sight (Coup de Foudre), is a budget-friendly yet delightful red wine option. With a deep garnet colour, an aroma of red fruits and an elegant mouthfeel, this organic wine is a versatile choice that pairs well with red meat and cheese platters. Impress your loved one with your wine selection without breaking the bank.


Isabelle Bryan
Isabelle Bryan
Isabelle is a co-founder and editor of Riviera Traveller. She has lived in France, the UK and Australia and is equally at ease writing in English and French. She has been coming to the South of France since she was a child and now lives here with her young daughter. She has been published in ELLE, Premiere Movie Magazine, the Melbourne Age, the Australian Financial Review magazine and the Herald Sun. Isabelle loves swimming in the turquoise waters off the Iles de Lerins or strolling around the outdoor sculptures at Fondation Maeght in St Paul de Vence.

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