Best Kids’ Parks on the French Riviera

While the French Riviera has built its reputation on its sun-kissed beaches and vibrant night-life, it also boasts a treasure trove of family-friendly attractions. From adventure-filled parks to enchanting gardens and stunning wildlife habitat, here is our pick of the best kids’ parks and outdoor venues on the Côte d’Azur.

Best Kids’ Parks on the French Riviera

  1. Parc Phoenix, Nice

    Inaugurated in 1990, Parc Phoenix in Nice is a 7-hectare botanical garden and zoo rolled into one. Home to 2500 plant species, 2000 animal species, and a separate adventure park for children complete with zip lines, trampolines and climbing walls, it’s an ideal spot for a family day out. The wide paths make it easy to navigate prams and strollers. The benches and tables dotted along the park provide plenty of opportunities for rest or for an outdoor picnic. From personal experience, it’s probably best to avoid visiting on a scorching summer day.
  2. Magic World, Hyères

    If you are after an old-fashioned fun fair experience, this is the place for you and your teenage kids. Magic World in Hyères, located between Toulon and Saint Tropez, offers a fantastic amusement park experience. With a mix of 40 thrilling rides and attractions, this place is perfect for families seeking an evening filled with excitement and magical light shows. The stunning seaside location and free parking is the icing on the cake. Open from mid-May to early September, from 8pm-2am.
  3. Le Bois des Lutins, Villeneuve-Loubet

    Le Bois des Lutins (“The Elves’ Forest”) – a 1.5 hectare treetop adventure park in Villeneuve-Loubet, between Antibes and Nice – will appeal to kids of all ages. This eco-friendly park has been carefully designed to minimize the impact on its natural environment. It combines the thrill of climbing with the enchantment of a fairy-tale setting. A network of ladders, climbing nets and bridges gives access to wooden treehouses, up to 11m high. Fast slides bring the little adventurers safely back to ground level. Kids will have endless fun crawling though tunnels, rolling inside giant gnome balls or trying their hand at the interactive games. You will find it hard not to join in the fun. Just make sure you keep an eye on them at all times as it’s a vast playing area.
  4. Parc de la Colline du Château, Nice

    Named after a fortress which was built in the 11th century and later destroyed in 1706, the Parc de la Colline du Château is situated between the port and the Old Town of Nice. It is a lush 19 hectare garden with tree-lined avenues that has been a favourite of locals and tourists for years. Make sure you visit the Belvedere to admire breathtaking views of La Baie des Anges (the Bay of Angels). And also the vast playground, recently renovated, which now features a real wooden castle where kids can let their imagination run wild. Finally, find a shady spot and enjoy a picnic with a fabulous backdrop of the French Riviera seascape.
  5. Ile Sainte-Marguerite

    Just off the coast of Cannes, the Lérins Islands (Îles de Lérins) offer a serene escape for families, only a short ferry ride away. Île Sainte-Marguerite, the larger of the two islands, features lush landscapes, a historic fort, and beautiful beaches where kids can explore and play. If you’re visiting with teenagers who are strong swimmers, a spectacular underwater sculpture park beckons 100m off the coast. You will need to follow the signs on the island, and make sure you bring flippers, a mask and a snorkel. The six awe-inspiring sculptures of Cannes residents by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor are 2m high, weigh 10 tons each and were immersed on 28 January 2021.
  6. Aquasplash, Antibes

    On a hot day, Aquasplash in Antibes provides the ultimate aquatic adventure. This water park features thrilling slides, wave pools, and a dedicated young children’s area, ensuring a refreshing and exciting day for the whole family. Whether sliding down the 10m high side winder, floating down the 100m turbo slide or splashing around in Pirate Island, big and small kids are sure to have a whale of a time! Will re-open on 16 June 2024.
  7. Parc Alpha, Mercantour National Park

    For a unique experience, venture into Mercantour National Park to discover Parc Alpha, the only wolf park in France. Children can observe wolves in their natural habitat and learn about the importance of wildlife conservation in this stunning alpine setting. Please note that there is no access for prams or strollers and you need to book in advance if you want a guided visit in English. 
  8. La Réserve des Monts d’Azur

    On a mild spring weekend or a warm summer’s day, the Réserve Biologique des Monts d’Azur offers the perfect family escape. Situated about an hour away from Nice and Cannes, you will be amazed to discover this untouched piece of heaven, the vision of French vet Patrice Longour and his wife Alena. European bisons, wild boars, chamois, wolves and the ancient Przewalski horse (Przewalski’s horse, also called the Mongolian wild horse, is a rare and endangered horse originally native to the steppes of Central Asia), live happily side by side on a 700-hectares animal reserve. You can book a guided visit on foot or take a seat aboard a horse-drawn carriage. Overnight stays in authentic cabins are also available.

The French Riviera offers some of the best kids’ parks and outdoor venues, combining the region’s natural beauty with fun attractions. Whether exploring underwater sculptures, climbing through treetops, rushing down a slide or observing bisons and wolves, families are sure to create lasting memories on the Côte d’Azur.

Isabelle Bryan
Isabelle Bryan
Isabelle is a co-founder and editor of Riviera Traveller. She has lived in France, the UK and Australia and is equally at ease writing in English and French. She has been coming to the South of France since she was a child and now lives here with her young daughter. She has been published in ELLE, Premiere Movie Magazine, the Melbourne Age, the Australian Financial Review magazine and the Herald Sun. Isabelle loves swimming in the turquoise waters off the Iles de Lerins or strolling around the outdoor sculptures at Fondation Maeght in St Paul de Vence.

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